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Chris BuddenArtist/Sculptor


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My sculpture is primarily bronze, though a few pieces are stone and wood.


The bronze pieces are created using the “Lost Wax” process.

  • The original piece is created in clay and modeling wax, then a mold is created over the piece.
  • The original art is removed from the mold and recycled.
  • Hot wax is poured into the mold.
  • When cooled, the wax replica of the original work is removed from the mold and "chased," making minor adjustments to the wax to ensure it looks like the original piece.
  • The wax piece is then taken to a foundry, depending upon the design of the piece the wax may be cut into castable sizes, and a shell is made around the piece(s).
  • The wax is melted out of the shell, “Lost Wax.”
  • Molten metal is then poured into the shell.
  • After cooling, the shell is broken off of the metal to reveal a bronze sculpture.
  • The metal is then "chased" to reassemble any parts that were cast separately and flaws in the metal are repaired to ensure the final piece looks like the original artwork.
  • The "chased" piece is then heated and chemicals are used in a patina process to color the piece to ensure the original concept of the piece is realized.  








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